Top 10 Corporate Wellness Software

Each company is interested in tracking the health of their employees. At least in order to know how much time and money is spent on their treatment. Based on this information, executives can make decisions on individual contracts with employees and on the effectiveness of cooperation with the insurance company.

However, optimization of the health insurance expenses - is not the main goal of the Corporate Wellness Software. More important for any company - is improving the health of its talents, i.e. making them living a healthier lifestyle. Because healthy talents work more efficiently. For this purpose, Corporate Wellness Software allows each employee to track the own health, set goals (for example, for loosing weight, doing exercises, improving nutrition) and achieve them.

And the Corporate Wellness Software has one big advantage over the Personal Health Records services that isolate your health-related information from others. The fact is that company staff - is a community where people communicate. And in the community (together) moving to the healthy lifestyle is much easier than in isolation.

Corporate Wellness Software uses this fact and with the help of gamification tools allows to organize health-competition between employees or departments. For health-related activities employees earn points, and the winners of the month can win prizes from the company.
Keas combines the best of social media and online games to create happier, healthier, more engaged employees. We’ve cracked the code to employee wellness by creating a solution where people actually want to participate. It’s simple, it’s fun and it really works. Employees get and stay healthy, build better relationships with co-workers and increase productivity. Employers reap the benefits of a more productive workforce.
Safe and secure social network that brings your employees together so they can help each other be healthy. Peer support and accountability are the keys to wellness success.
Fitbit Wellness
Enterprise Solution offers easy employee onboarding into the program, employee insight into progress towards program goals, an interactive leaderboard of the program's historical performance, real-time group reports for your company's administrator, a custom shopping cart for your employees
Jawbone UP for Groups
Team up to live better. Take corporate wellness beyond the 9-5 with a program that guides and inspires your team to reach their health goals. UP delivers an in-depth picture of your team’s activity. See the good, the bad and the rapidly improving. Targeted group challenges and communications motivate your team to move more and make healthier choices.
The PureWellness platform allows for efficient administration and management of all wellness initiatives within each organization. This wellness platform provides numerous resources, including an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA), wellness workshops, team challenge capabilities, tracking tools, pedometer programs, employee incentive programs, device integration, and a full reporting suite to ensure that every wellness initiative will be able to document success in a structured manner that demonstrates return on investment.
The Dossia Health Management System integrates aggregated personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools, as well as multiple user engagement components to offer a rich and personalized experience. Provides number of different apps to engage including the usual list of health content, medication manager, an immunization tracker, even the free text4baby app.
Feature rich, activity based USB pedometer online corporate walking program with evidence based results. Jump start your corporate wellness program and achieve the health care cost control you want.
Garmin Connect
Garmin Connect is a community-based website for runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who track their activities with Garmin devices. Join our worldwide community to start sharing and analyzing your activities. Garmin Connect wellness portal helps employers to manage their corporate wellness programs.
Limeade’s mission is measurably improving well-being in the world via happy, healthy, high-performance workforces. Limeade is an enterprise wellness platform that energizes your workforce. Our refreshingly strategic approach aligns to your strategy and culture – making it your program. Because your workforce is unique, your wellness program should be too.
Kersh Health
Kersh Health provides health risk solutions by focusing on economic outcomes. Our methodology is centered on what the cost drivers are within a population of a company. We intervene and mitigate those cost drivers with one-of-a-kind health assessment tools and patented activity management technologies. We monitor real data and report real measurements. Not self reported by participants.
OfficePhysio is an innovative online tool supporting workplace health. Daily short video-tutorials enhance user fitness. In addition, weekly informative emails support the gradual shift to taking up a healthier workplace life.
LifeOnKey user-friendly platform empowers individuals by pairing comprehensive health and wellness information with online tools to help them make better, more informed choices, more effectively manage their care and improve their quality of life. Unlike PHRs provided by a single institution or physician, LifeOnKey’s Personal Health Record application puts patients in control, enabling them to work with their doctors and health care providers to achieve new standards of personalized care.
ZebraHealth is am online service that helps to record personal health or medical history. You can take this record to any doctor visit. And you can even print this record in physician friendly format which quickly tells the doctor what they need to know to improve the quality of care. ZebraHealth offers enhanced services through employers.
With Net.Orange, employers are able to benchmark their healthcare costs against national and regional averages, and track trends in the "health risk" of their employees. Using information from insurance claims and health risk assessments, the Net.Orange solution can then identify potential gaps in care and the compliance of employees to their prescribed wellness and disease care plans. Through participant (patient) portals, employees are able to track vital statistics, review their prescribed care plans and report progress for the purposes of wellness management.
Sherpaa is the smart way to keep your business healthy. Our doctors keep you and your employees healthy around the clock, and our HR experts use smart data about your company’s health to make sure you save. We take care of your company’s health so you can focus on what your business does best.
ETrainer Services represents a new movement in corporate health & wellness where the employee is well equipped, empowered and motivated to live healthier lifestyles via cutting-edge technology and LIVE health coach support. Our main focus is reducing your health-care cost while increasing employee productivity.
Bloom Health
Bloom Health works with employers and health plans to define and control health benefits spending through a defined contribution approach. It helps employees spend their defined contribution dollars on health benefits that meet their needs.
Get healthy with your coworkers Wellthy is the fun, grassroots wellness program for your company. We make getting healthy a game. Each month is a friendly competition between coworkers. Earn points for sharing healthy meals and activities to fight your way up the leaderboard