Top 10 Quit Smoking apps

These applications can really help you to quit smoking. Typically, you start with intering the number of cigarettes you usually smoke per day and the goal you want to achieve by a certain date (eg, quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes per day). Then the application allows you to track your progress toward the goal. You enter the number of daily smoked cigarettes, and the application shows you how much money you have saved and how many extra years of life you saved.

As a rule, these are mobile applications for smartphones which allows to track smoked cigarettes wherever you are.

Very often, Quit Smoking Apps form a community of users, in which they can communicate and encourage each other and share success. Some applications also allow to gamify the process and organize competitions - who will quit sooner.
Quit Counter
Utility to help quit cigarette smoking. Keeps track of various statistics, friends and also congratulates the user with many different graphics on reaching various milestones. Can also copy statistics to the clipboard.
Windows PC
Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you! Track days without smoking, cigarettes not smoked, money saved, time saved
This app is designed to help you resist cravings and offer encouragement by keeping a track of the health benefits you've unlocked. There's an in app craving timer which is accessable as pinned tile. This timer helps take your mind off the craving by giving you an end goal to focus on instead.
Windows Phone
Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking is your little helper in the menu bar. If you do not smoke, a certain amount of money (the average of what you pay per day for your cigarttes) is added to your virtual account. Once you have enough "money" on your account you can grab your reward and spent it on whatever you like. If you fail to quit smoking instantly, you can see your daily and overall expenses on cigarettes. You will be shocked what smoking costs you in total! If this doesn't get you quit smoking nothing else ever will!
Mac OS
NoSmoking Life takes a rose-tinted approach to helping smokers become former smokers. As you grind your way through the process, this app will feed you reports on how many years you've added to your life expectancy since quitting. If that isn't enough of a carrot, you can add personalized incentives to help you reach your goal.
My Quit Plan
You can set your own My Quit Plan homepage, access tools like the Cigarette Tracker and the Quit Date Calendar, and track your progress with the Quit Smoking Checklist.
Smoke Tracker
Smoke Tracker helps you to keep an eye on how much cigarettes you smoke. It is made for people who want to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop smoking by reducing consumption over a period of time. You can set a goal, start tracking your smoke over time & get the summary of the logs through graph.
NO SMOKE is used in schools to educate children about the dangers of cigarettes and tobacco. NO SMOKE isn't just one computer program. It is 12 programs in one. The program is filled with techniques and analysis sections that cover every aspect of the problem of quitting smoking, and of not even starting. With NO SMOKE you'll discover why you smoke. You'll learn to deal with automatic habits and quit smoking without gaining weight.
Windows PC
iQuit for iPhone
Does a smoker really care how much time has passed since their last cigarette? When trying to quit gradually, all a smoker wants to know is: "How long do I need to wait until I can have another one?" iQuit lets you know when you can and can't! What's the trick? iQuit makes you wait a little longer each time. You set the parameters of your addiction and the time you want to arrive at your goal, iQuit holds your hand the whole way