Top 10 Medical Reference apps

Medical Reference Apps allow to find out what different symptoms mean, what treatment is recommended for a particular disease, what medications to take and in what dosage, what are their contraindications, etc.

Previously, to obtain all these information people used reference books, but medical technology is constantly evolving, and information on diseases, medications, procedures - is being constantly updated. That is why using the online reference applications - is more smart.

These applications can be used by both patients and healthcare professionals.
Webmd is not just a place to see what that ache in your back can mean, Webmd provides up a food and fitness tracker so you can monitor your weight, calorie intakes, and even gives you recommendations on food and exercise times built on your objectives. It also provides vaccine tracker to help you record and manage vaccinations for your entire family. Provides iPhone app including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings.
Get quick access to reliable drug, disease, and diagnostic information at the point of care. Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference among U.S. physicians. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, 50% of U.S. physicians rely on Epocrates to help improve patient safety and increase practice efficiency.
Docphin helps physicians organize, bookmark, read and track medical news and research from a variety of sources, all within a single dashboard interface. The resulting product has a very consumer-like feel, especially with features like a Twitter widget for tracking medical societies’ tweets, bookmarking, commenting and social sharing. But the content is all medical-focused.
Keep updated with Lexicomp, the most trusted and comprehensive resource for mobile drug and clinical information for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Not a subscriber yet? New accounts can obtain 30 days of access to all databases Lexicomp offers with no obligation whatsoever! This provides you access to the full version of the product, including all databases in Lexi-COMPLETE and Lexi-Dental COMPLETE.
Everyday Health is a leading provider of online health information. We're here to help you manage your own and your family's conditions and overall well-being through personalized advice, tools, and communities. We're committed to bringing you the most credible and relevant health information available online, and to giving you the best possible user experience. Our information is easy to understand and incorporate into your life every day. There's much to explore on, including:
Yahoo! Health
Medical dictionary, disease symptoms and treatments, resources for healthy living, and information on drugs and medicines. Includes doctor search.
Search the most current prescribing and safety information for drugs, herbals and supplements. Check mild interactions to serious contraindications for any combination of drugs. Review the latest in-depth clinical information for diseases and conditions. Read up-to-the-minute medical news. Search and email listings for physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.
The Rehab Lab
The Rehab Lab is a web-based tool designed specifically to meet the needs of therapists working in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The Rehab Lab will enable you to create rehabilitation programmes of a high professional standard, customised to the individual needs of each client and personalised with your clinic logo.
Free Medical Dictionary
Free Medical Dictionary is a searchable glossary of medical terms from almost all specialties and fields of medicine, including general medical, pharmaceuticals, health-care equipment, health conditions, medical devices, and medical abbreviations. Some features include a built-in spelling checker, free updates, easy installation, and easy uninstallation. It's perfect for doctors, researchers, medical students, medical transcriptionists, nursing students, and anyone else with medical questions or a need for precise medical information.
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