Top 10 Pregnancy apps and gadgets

The 9 months of pregnancy - is the time when an expecting mother must do her best to take care about own health and the health of the child. There are so many recommendations for this period - what to do, when to do, what not to do at the certain pregnancy stages.

To understand all these aspects and to remember them - is very difficult. That's why Pregnancy Apps have become so popular.

Pregnancy app is usually a weekly or daily guide/calendar, which tells a mother about the progress in the child development, and what recommendations should be followed during this period: how to eat, how to sleep, what exercises to do, etc. In addition, Pregnancy Apps remind when you need to visit a doctor, undergo an ultrasound examination, etc.

And prior to birth date, such applications help to prepare properly for labor. Usually Pregnancy Apps are filled with multiple articles, pictures and videos. Many applications also allow you to share your experiences and communicate with other expecting moms.
Expecting moms can get a ton of data on this website, which provides up calendars and trackers to help you via your entire pregnancy and beyond. Babycenter's functions, calculators, calendars, checklists, and worksheets can help take the stress out of pregnancy and parenting. Let us help you find the answers you need, whether you're searching for baby names, calculating your baby's due date, trying to get pregnant, monitoring your child's development, or wondering how tall your child will be. Or perhaps you're looking for fun crafts and family activities, horoscopes, or delicious mom-rated recipes.
My Pregnancy Today
BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today is the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app from the world's most trusted pregnancy and parenting resource. Simply enter your baby's due date, and BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today turns your phone into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby's birth and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.
ParentWeb is a social network and information resource developed exclusively for active and expectant parents and families. We provide a unique parenting resource, helping parents through the road of child-rearing by sharing knowledge, providing fun parenting tools, and hosting a friendly online community.
Ovuline uses data to help couples conceive faster and have healthier pregnancies . Ovia Fertility's web and mobile apps help couples who are trying to conceive. Developed by Harvard scientists and the nation’s leading fertility experts, Ovia utilizes big data and machine learning to predict a woman’s exact ovulation date, helping her conceive up to 3x faster than the national average.
Baby Tracker for PC
ParentWeb Baby Tracker lets parents track their child's development both in the womb and after they've entered the world, and also gives users access to the content on
Windows PC
DuoFertility is revolutionising fertility treatment around the world, giving women all the information they need to make the most of their natural chances. DuoFertility is a tiny sensor you wear against your skin. It constantly measures your body's sign and signals and pinpoints precisely when to try. This information combined with our expert support is proven to make all the difference to your chances of success.
Clue is a beautiful and accurate period tracker that is confident, scientific - and not pink. Whether you want to get pregnant, be prepared for your next period or understand your mood swings, Clue will predict it and remind you.
Pregnancy Companion
The fun and easy-to-use Pregnancy Companion app includes all of the information and features you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy: Follow daily exciting development, with exclusive images and 3D-animated videos, Stay healthy with the drug safety checker and fun hydration counter, Stay organized with handy pregnancy and labor planning tools and lists, Join the Pregnancy Companion Community to “Ask the Docs” your pregnancy questions straight from the app.
Clearblue Fertility Monitor
The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is the most advanced method of maximizing your chances of getting pregnant. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is unique as it tracks 2 hormones to typically identify up to 6 fertile days – it not only shows you your 2 Peak Fertility days, it can also inform most women of an extra 1-5 days of High Fertility prior to their Peak Fertility. Since your partner’s sperm can survive in your body for several days, having sex on all of these days can lead to conception.
Pregnancy Help
Everything you need to keep your pregnancy on track for you and your partner. Customized weekly information for each parent, helping out with what you need when you need it. Multiple helper items as well such as baby names, astrological signs, reminders, customize-able lists, and many others. Ad supported
Windows Phone
BabyPlus curriculum is a series of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother's heartbeat. The rhythm of the sounds increases incrementally as the pregnancy progresses. The BabyPlus sonic pattern introduces your child to a sequential learning process, built upon the natural rhythms of their own environment.
Baby-Comp fertility computer is a perfect choice for all women trying to conceive. Baby-Comp precisely determines the best time to get pregnant based on your morning temperature and will alert you on the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle when trying for a baby.
Birth Class App
Prepare for labor and birth in the comfort of your own home by taking an instructor-led birth class from BabyCenter, the most trusted pregnancy and early parenting destination worldwide.
Are you pregnant? TickerBerry helps you remember the things you need to do throughout your pregnancy to get ready for your baby.
Your Pregnancy Week by Week
Your Pregnancy Week by Week is the most medically current and comprehensive pregnancy guide available. With over 70 new topics covered, and completely updated throughout to keep up with trends, new products, and safety recommendations, this is a comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-use guide.
Body temperature fertility device. The ring is self-inserted into the vagina from where core body temperature measurements are sent wirelessly to a paired smartphone. The accompanying app is used to precisely track temperature trends that are correlated to when women are most fertile.
TargetDateX is a small utility to track where you are in your pregnancy. It is an easy way to see how far you have come and how much longer you have to go. Allows you to determine Due Date, Conception Date, Last Menstrual Period, etc...
Mac OS
Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar

Experience a baby’s development from week 4 to week 40 of pregnancy with Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar. The beautiful life-sized imagery allows you to see the details of growth in the womb—from little ears to tiny toes. Learn about each stage of development and anticipate the joy your own baby’s arrival.
Baby Pregnancy Tracker
The Baby Pregnancy Tracker enables you to follow the development of your baby through a detailed weekly progress update.