Top 10 Medical Practice Management software

Medical clinic, just like any other business can't operate effectively without the business information management software. But medical practice has its own specifics, because of which the standard corporate applications in most cases are not very suitable for it. That's why the new class of Practice Management Systems has appeared.

The main component of such systems is EMR (Electronic Medical Records) module, which allows to track the electronic medical card for each patient: his treatments, medical history,medications, procedures, contraindications, etc. EMR module should be integrated with CRM (customer relationship management system), appointment management, billing & insurance management system. Another function of Practice Management solutions is financial management track the clinic incomes and expenses.

Modern cloud-based Practice Management systems also allow you to create online accounts for patients, which they login, view their treatment plans, prescription drugs and procedures, physician's recommendations. Also these systems may provide communication tools like instant messenger or video chat.
Hello Health is the revolutionary Patient Management platform that simply makes it all work, at no cost to you. Enhance your connection with patients via secure email, IM and video chat. Let patients securely access prescriptions, lab results and personal health records, in an extremely engaging format. Simplify the business of medicine with practice management features like online scheduling and integrated billing.
Practice Fusion
Practice Fusion's EHR (Electronic Health Record) was developed from the real workflows of office-based physicians. Our free, web-based EHR system is fully-featured enabling you to effectively manage your practice. Use our system to schedule an appointment, complete a medical chart during a visit, send a prescription with our e-prescribing feature and bill for your practice. Our EHR is so easy to use, you can sign up and start charting immediately.
Manage your practice from financial analysis to patient scheduling with intuitive tools that will maximize practice performance. Review patient data at the office, home or on the go with a secure web-based EHR system that’s HIPAA compliant and easy to use. Improve communication for better patient care by connecting to your patients and peers through a secure social network.
Web-based medical billing software, electronic medical records, practice management, and integrated electronic claims processing.
Completely web-based healthcare practice management software so you can access it from anywhere (browser, your phone or your tablet device). Secure and reliable with no upfront costs and no contracts. Manage appointments, store your treatment notes and patient files securely, send invoices, collect payments.
MacPractice is the premier Practice Management, Clinical and EMR Software for the Mac. It's dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting premier practice management and clinical software solutions for doctors who prefer to use Macs.
athenahealth provides physician billing, practice management and EMR services to over 26,000 medical providers in the US. With a combination of web-based software, a patented billing rules database and back-office services that remove your most time consuming tasks, athenahealth can help improve practice management and you get paid more, faster, with less hassle.
Avado’s Patient Relationship Management enables you to communicate with your patients and easily create “services” that streamline patient interaction, improve healthcare outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction with your care. Patients can use Avado to track health records, vital stats, and medications, schedule appointments
Nortec EHR
Nortec EHR’s comprehensive features are client-driven, innovative and continuously updated to keep pace with rapid changes in the healthcare industry. Nortec’s suite consists of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PMS), Advanced Surescripts certified Electronic Prescribing, Document Management, Revenue Cycle Management and a myriad of other modules designed to automate ambulatory, outpatient physician practices. The suite coupled with the flexibility to choose between a client server and web-enabled SaaS deployment model provide for unparalleled reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability.
Windows PCOnline
Claimat EMR
Claimat EMR is an advanced web based EMR software for the medical industry. The software is DGI as well as Surescripts certified. The system can be effectively used for online doctor appointments, medical charting, e-prescription, billing, claims management and more. It includes the functionality for small, large, and multi-location practices to maximize their potential with tools that decrease dependence on paper, increase billing levels, and enhance communications.
The CureMD SMART Cloud EHR is an innovative health IT applications suite featuring a certified EMR, enterprise level Practice Management and an interactive patient portal. The specialty centric EMR helps physicians document patient encounters with precision, whilst a secure Patient Portal keeps patients and physicians on the same page – allowing they to stay connected at all times. A preferred choice of thousands of physicians across the nation, CureMD SMART Cloud is your gateway to meaningful use compliance. Signup today and make the most of FREE hosting, training, support, maintenance, updates, e-labs, eRx, and backup and document management.
GP Desk
GP Desk is an electronic medical record and practice management system for use by medical practitioners. Store patient allergies, problems, diagnoses, procedures, tests, medications, immunization, advance directives, and antenatal visits. Record patient health events/encounters which include symptoms, signs, a joint mannequin, and a skin display. Store patient pictures, documents, and video.
Windows PC