Top 10 Posture trackers

Lumo Lift
Lumo Lift tracks posture in real time and gently vibrates when you need to straighten up! It's fashionable, easy to wear, tracks steps, calories & more.
Stand taller and feel better using the LUMOback posture sensor and mobile app. The sensor provides a gentle vibration when you slouch to remind you to sit or stand straight. It is worn on your lower back and designed to be slim, sleek and so comfortable that you barely feel it when you have it on. The sensor connects wirelessly to an iPhone 4S or new iPad app which tracks all of your movement data. Your avatar, LUMO, mirrors your daily activities. Anyone can use LUMOback. It's simple and integrates into your daily routine. Live your life. Only better.
The iPosture is an intuitive electronic device designed to improve posture. Just over one inch in diameter, the iPosture automatically senses when the body slouches, and it alerts the user with brief vibrations to correct it.
PosturePulse is a small device you wear on your back which silently vibrates if you slouch for more than 7 seconds. Continuous feedback teaches you to sit straight.
The new generation of back pain therapy. If low back health is important to you or someone you know, Valedo is an ideal medical device.
UpRight is a wearable device that passively improves your posture, so you can both prevent future back pain and feel and look more successful.