Top 10 Health Games

Day-by-day gamification comes into all spheres of our life. After all it's much easier and more interesting to work, learn, achieve your goals, when you think about your occupation as of game. Health Apps developers also use this trend and implement game mechanics into their applications.

Health Games become especially popular in the communities of people who want to move to a healthy lifestyle: lose weight, quit smoking, keep fit. Health Games allow to organize competitions or even money bets on who will be the first to reach the health-related goals. When you're in the game - you have a passion and you'll never easily give up in the health-related initiatives.

Of course, there are Health Games for kids that help them to get knowledge about how the human body work, about diseases and their treatment, about how to live a healthy life. There are also educational Health Games for students of medical schools.

And thanks to modern technologies, such as Kinect, Health Games have reached the new level. They provide sufficient physical activity for children and adults and help patients to restore their health. For example, there are games for people with leg breakage that helps to recover the injury by physical exercises.
Track your workouts. Challenge your friends. Analyze your training. With Endomondo on your phone, you can track your running, cycling and other sports. It's fun, it's social and it's motivating.
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Zombies Run!
Zombies, Run! brings new life to something that’s tedious for most people - running. If soundtracks have failed to get you motivated or you find yourself bored in the second quarter mile, this app might be just what you need. Since the app includes 30 missions, you’ll always discover something new around the corner, and more missions coming with each update, there’ll always be a plot twist ahead.
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Fitocracy will get you addicted to fitness just like a video game, only you level up in real life. Earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be.
EA Sports Active
EA SPORTS Active tracks full body movement with true 1:1 motion that will register exercises never before possible and create seamless workout experiences, without ever having to use a controller. Create unlimited customizable workouts with combinations of more than 70 exercises and activities and track your heart rate on screen in real time with the innovative EA Sports Active heart rate monitor that rests comfortably on your forearm.
HealthyWage is a website that allows user to get paid to lose weight. For example you pay a $100 fee to participate and if you lose 10% of your body weight over six months, you win $200. Weigh-ins are either verified by health professionals or done at a station working with HealthyWage (like a gym.)
Fleetly is an exercise log and tracker that has built-in game mechanics to push you further and farther every time you work out. It integrates with RunKeeper, Nike+,'s own platform and the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale. You can get rid of your personal trainer and go straight to Fleetly, which has professionally written descriptions of top exercises and instructional videos.
Augmented reality fun with SpecTrek: hunt virtual ghosts in the real world! Experience this revolutionary augmented reality ghost hunting game. Walk or run around using GPS and your phone's camera to find and catch virtual ghosts. The game offers statistics, awards, titles, records, and most of all a whole lot of fun!
Nexercise is an iPhone|Android app that turns exercise into a game, and rewards users with virtual medals, discounts, and even free merchandise for being physically active. Discover a new and exciting way to get motivated, lose weight, and stay in shape. Play with friends, earn rewards, defeat challenges, and track your progress on the largest fitness mobile interactive game of its kind.
Carb Counting with Lenny
Carbohydrate (Carb) counting is an essential skill for managing diabetes. Carb counting allows children with diabetes to eat a variety of foods, just like other kids, and increases their sense of control and confidence in managing their diabetes. For parents and caregivers, this is important in order to plan meals and help children maintain good blood sugar levels.
Paying too much for a gym membership you never use? GymPact is the only app that lets you earn cash rewards for getting to the gym! Make a Pact of how many days you'll work out, set the Stakes of how much you'll pay if you don't, and earn cash rewards for meeting your Pact - paid by those who didn't work out.
Zumba Fitness
Zumba Fitness combine both dance and fitness with fun, high-energy choreography, contagious music — the ideal game for those looking to learn how to dance, Zumba style. Get your body rockin’ & party yourself into shape with 42 all new routines and 24 international dance styles, from Bollywood and Latin Pop to Hip-Hop and Merengue. Follow your progress with the new calorie tracker and customize your entire workout.
Health game and social networking have been combined to create an invigorating and engaging experience to change behavior. Members are able to choose their games, which are designed to help achieve personal goals, thus paving a road toward a healthier lifestyle. Healthper’s goal is to help our members obtain greater wellbeing through fun, personalized and rewarding steps. Allow yourself to make small daily changes and the results will show! Help others achieve those same positive results by interacting with the community through Healthper’s portal exchange.
Striiv Smart
The First Smart Pedometer. With every step, Striiv learns your behavior and motivates you to walk a lot more. Striiv creates personal challenges based on your level of activity, so you reach your fitness goals as you move throughout the day. It's fitness, for the rest of us.
Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure
Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure takes your fitness routine beyond a classic workout, turning it into a true adventure through a mission-based journey set in a lush jungle environment. The high-energy motion-based experience offers intense, results-oriented personal training that you could only expect from teaming up with Jillian to achieve your fitness goals.
By breaking down your goals into simple daily actions, you can reduce stress, save money, organize your life, lose weight, or do more of whatever makes you happy. Any of those simple actions is a "feat" at DailyFeats. We'll help you with tips and tracking, so you can turn those feats into daily habits. As you make progress, you'll share with friends, gain inspiration from the community, and earn points to redeem for rewards or donations.
Get Fit with Mel B
Shape up with a comprehensive and energetic workout program made in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First. Become part of the game with your very own personal trainer and real time feedback. Take on 199 exercises covering six different aerobics styles. Includes 140 recipes so you can create the perfect nutritional plan.
Health Month
Health Month is a game that's designed to help you lose weight, cut your caffeine addiction, start reading more, and otherwise do all sorts of things that will help you lead the life you want.
Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the #1 fitness game on Kinect. Exercise your way with a customizable, social and fun experience that delivers serious results. As one of the most extensive fitness offerings on the market, Your Shape includes over 90 hours of activities. Your Shape provides an even wider array of activities to suit your tastes and fitness goals, including zen classes, latin dance and boot camp. The state-of-the-art motion tracking has been pushed to the next level with brand-new floor movements and an enhanced feedback system that guides you on how to improve your technique and results.
Move Fitness
Move Fitness on PlayStation 3 is the perfect way to shoot basketball hoops, perform punch combos and play dodgeball as you get toned and into shape. From the minute you set up your Move Fitness profile, you'll feel like you've entered your very own personal gym -all in the comfort of your own living room.
Skinnyo lets you start or join challenges that make it a little easier to stay healthy. Compete with your friends and colleagues to lose weight in custom health challenges. Track your own progress with our awesome graphs, personal diary, badges, reputation and more…