Top 10 Health Expense Trackers

Healthcare has become a confusing mass of bills, deductibles and hidden expenses. You go to the doctor's office and months later you get statements from different places for that one visit. You wonder "What are these bills? Did I paid them already? How much do my insurance cover". Making sense of it often is all can be so frustrating and time consuming that you just give up.

Health Expense Apps allow you to handle all your healthcare plans and medical bill payment in one place. They link to health insurance companies and transform their data to clean and easy-to-read dashboard. So you can control you family health spendings. You can finally understand, what are you responsible for and what is paid by your insurance. Besides some Health Expense apps allow you to pay the medical bills online, so you never have to wonder whether you paid bill or not.

These apps also can remind you to take advantage of medical procedures included for free in your insurance plan (like dental cleanings) before they expire.
Cake Health is a central place for all your healthcare plans online. It updates your plan status so you know what’s covered, automatically categorizes your claims, tracks your out-of-pocket expenses and alerts you to possible overcharges.
Quicken Health Expense Tracker
When it comes to understanding, tracking and paying medical bills, Quicken Health Expense Tracker could be the best thing since the invention of the x-ray. Aside from tracking medical costs, Quicken Health Expense Tracker explains the codes and terms you see on your claims, shows you the math and alerts you when something needs your attention. So you know exactly which medical bills you need to pay, which ones you don't, and why.
Simplee is a free online application that helps you take control over your health care expenses. Simplee automatically organizes your insurance accounts, collects your transactions and helps you manage your medical bills.
iQCoPay is a new way for patients to pay for their health care. We've created a marketplace that connects patients with their doctors, allowing them quickly pay any doctor, but also giving them the option to pay over time, helping alleviate the financial burden of high deductible health plans.
HealthFrame is the leading personal health record in the market today. In addition to its ability to track the entirety of your health records (including scanned attachments and your medical expenses), HealthFrame Explorer has unmatched capabilities that let you use your health record to access individualized health services. Using the extensible plug-in support you'll be able to access an increasing list of reports. You'll be able to transport your records on your iPod, USB drives or other mobile devices.
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Health Companion
Health Companion is a software tool that enables healthcare subscribers to behave like discerning consumers of health care. It is an indispensable medical expense manager for the health care consumer who is value conscious and attentive to wellness & prevention. Till now, there were no good tools that helped the consumer to maneuver through the maze of confusing terminologies, calculations, and accounting. iPhone app allows to track Blood Glucose Level, Blood Pressure, Calorie Intake, Cholesterol Level, Height and Weight from your device.
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Health Spender
Health Spender helps track your family's health history, appointments, insurance, and the expenses that go along with it. App is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Focus Health Expense Tracker
Focus Health Expense Tracker is an application that easily organizes, maintains and provides detailed reports for individual and family healthcare costs, doctor visits, prescriptions, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses.
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Health Expenses PAYE
Allows PAYE taxpayers to record medical expenses for a year in a diary-like manner, typically as events occur, and to subsequently send a claim to Revenue. Claims for back years are accommodated. Records are organised into medical, dental and nursing home categories for each year. You must be registered for Revenue's PAYE anytime service to submit recorded claims via the application.
Family Health Care Manager
Family Health Care Manager manages your family’s medical expenses and tracks medical conditions; Track FSA Claims; Track insurance claims; Track symptoms. See what you owe to providers, what your insurance company owes you, which claims you need to submit, which claims are overdue, and much, much more!
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Smoking Cost Calculator
Using this calculator you can check your smoking cost per week, month or year.