Top 10 Specific Condition trackers

Ubiqi Health
The Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker is the simplest and easiest way to track your migraines anytime, anywhere. Ubiqi Health can help you discover your triggers by enabling you to explore different trigger combinations from your past migraine entries. Not only can you use Ubiqi Health on your phone, but you can also view and print your reports to share with your doctor from your computer
iHeadache is a comprehensive electronic headache diary and is available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Blackberry. With iHeadache you can capture real time information about your headaches that will aid you and your physician in optimizing your headache treatment plan. Walk into your next appointment with a headache diary report from iHeadache and see how much better you and your physician communicate.
Vree for Diabetes
Vree for Diabetes provides practical guidance and easy-to-use tools to enable you to start making important changes. You’ll learn why the benefits of managing your diabetes outweigh the barriers and help develop confidence in your ability to make healthy, lasting changes.
iManage Migraine
iManage Migraine provides a comprehensive suite of educational tools, real-time tracking, and analytic capabilities to enable you to better understand and manage your personal migraine experience.
The iChemoDiary is a personal oncology diary to record your chemotherapy schedule, treatments and some select symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Additional daily details can be added in a diary note and multiple reporting options make it easy to share the information with your doctor or nurse. With this portable chemo diary, keeping track of select symptoms you experience from your cancer chemotherapy is easier.
Livestrong Cancer app
Store personal diagnosis, treatment and symptom information, as well as important contacts. Share what LIVESTRONG means to you.
Asthma Tracker and Log
Asthma Tracker is a convenient way to not only keep a journal of your asthma attacks, but also to track your peak flow meter readings if you have asthma or COPD. You can track the frequency of your attacks along with the length of your attack, where you were when it started, what triggered it, and how you treated it. There are default choices available for locations, triggers, etc, but you can also add/delete/edit them as you see fit.
Asthma Tracker for Blackberry
Asthma Tracker is designed to help all the asthma patients in tracking their asthma level. Use this application to quickly track, log, control you asthma. View asthma diary, graph and medication used.
DiaLog is a new type of app which makes it fun and easy to track Diabetes. DiaLog with Master Wu is just a game to make Diabetes tracking fun. Please consult your doctor to discuss your Diabetes tracking schedule.
My Allergic Asthma Tracker
Record Asthma attacks and symptoms in detail. Pinpoint specific triggers, from dust to pet dander. Generate reports for you and your doctor.
Windows PC
Islet allows quick and easy recording of blood glucose readings, carbohydrate intake, insulin injections, and exercise, as well as email export and graphical analysis.