Top 10 Allergie apps

Cook IT Allergy Free
This is the essential tool for anyone dealing with food allergies. If you are allergic to Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, or Nuts, you no longer have to search for a recipe that does not contain your allergens. Cook IT Allergy Free will take any of these great gluten free recipes and make them safe for you.
Allergy Caddy
Have food allergies and can't figure out what you can and can't eat at every restaurant? Presenting Allergy Caddy - The Food Allergy iPhone app for anyone with food allergies or those who care for children with food allergies. Allergy Caddy is a mobile iPhone/iPod Touch app for translating restaurant's allergen guides to your specific needs on the fly. Allergy Caddy is for those with food allergies to the top 10 Allergens/Sensitivities: Peanut, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, and MSG and has data for 40 restaurants from Arby's to Zaxby's.
Discover Safe Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Meal Choices With Mobile Apps with iCanEat OnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free app. Personalize 26 fast food and quick service chains / menus based on your food concerns including gluten, dairy, egg and nuts. No internet connectivity required to access 3,000-plus menu items with FREE updates provided!
Dont Eat That
Confused by food ingredient labels? Now you can check the ingredients right in the store just by entering its name. Find out if an ingredient is carcinogenic, banned in other countries, bad for kids or pregnant women, genetically modified, or causes drug interaction or allergies.
Suspected Allergy Tracking
Record your suspected allergy triggers for analysis, possible causes, symptoms, severity, healing process, your thoughts, and urgent contacts. Print all records and analyze a pattern. Email any data record to a doctor easily. Remember incidents from the past in one easy to use interface.
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